SUNDAY NOVEMBER 20th 2016 : 11.00

We are delighted to be back once again with the Cannock Rotary 10km which takes place on our usual weekend of Sunday November 20th 2016 at 11.00 am. This event is now in its seventh year and gives runners the opportunity to race an accurately measured 10km race on the roads through Cannock Chase, starting close to the Cannock Chase Visitor centre on Marquis Drive (same place as the Staffs Knot finish). PLI is covered under the Rotary Club policy, and the course will be fully marshalled on the day. A full certificate of course accuracy is held from 2010, fully updated each year.  All finishers will receive a good quality medal, and there will be trophies for the first three men and first three ladies to finish, plus bottles of wine to category winners as listed below.

Full details are shown below, and the entry form is available to download from the table on the left.




















To all finishers


To first 3 men, first 3 ladies. Prizes to M40, M45, M50, M55, M60-69 and M over 70, F35, F40, F45, F50, F55-64 and F over 65.


CLICK HERE for 2015 results

CLICK HERE for 2014 results CLICK HERE for 2013 results CLICK HERE For 2012 results CLICK HERE for 2011 results CLICK HERE for 2010 results








MATTHEW WILLIAMS - Notts AC 2015 REMI FLAVELL- Birchfield Harriers
34.14   40.26



RACHEL BUXTON – Coventry Godiva Harriers



38.50 CR




MARK ROGERS - Wigan Harriers


REMI FLAVELL- Birchfield H









SIAN SLADE - Birchfield Harriers







MARK ROGERS - Wigan Phoenix AC











SIAN SLADE - Birchfield Harriers

33.44 CR













2016 RACE


NOVEMBER 20 :: Full results from to-day's Cannock Rotary 10km are now finalised and available. CLICK HERE to view and download the results listing, including your positions within male/female and age categories.
OCTOBER 27 :: Medals and trophies have been ordered today from Running Imp.  
OCTOBER 25 :: Thank you for all your entries. Numbers have been allocated and we have started to advise on-line entrants of their race numbers by e-mail with information on number collection on the day. We are just awaiting receipt of the Information Booklet from Cannock Rotary Club which we expect shortly. Postal entrants who sent in a stamped addressed envelope will then have their numbers and info pack sent back to them.


2015 RACE


NOVEMBER 23 :: We have full results now available.  All your individual positions within the male and female races, as well as full category positions have now been added.  CLICK HERE to download the full results listing.

NOVEMBER 22 :: Whilst offering thanks to all of our helpers, we must also apologise for errors at the prizegiving after the race. We were hit with power failures after TWO generators went down meaning I was unable to prepare results and prizewinners in the usual way and had to do it on a wing and a prayer. Apologies to those who I messed up on the day – we are confident the provisional results are correct, and the right people were credited with their successes eventually on the day. Again my apologies to those involved (Remi, Pippa, Louise and Lisa).

NOVEMBER 22 :: Our grateful thanks to all those who helped to make the 6th Cannock Rotary 10km another success. All the Rotarians who came out on a chilly, but sunny morning to marshal, those who spent their Saturday putting signs out, those who volunteered (or who were volunteered) to assist us with the times & number recording on the day. Thanks also to FOUR SEASONS CONSERVATORIES who were our main sponsors for the first time – love the camper van !!!!

NOVEMBER 22 :: 2013 Ladies Champion and 2014 Runner up REMI FLAVELL of Birchfield Harriers took the 2015 title in a time of 40.26, comfortably ahead of PIPPA STEELE who finished second in 43.27 and LOUISE ANDREWS of Kenilworth Runners in 43.45.

NOVEMBER 22 :: Congratulations to the 2015 Cannock Rotary 10km Champion MATTHEW WILLIAMS from Notts AC. Matthew finished in a time of 34.14 which is only 30 seconds outside the course record set in the very first race in 2010. None of our Champions since have managed to get anywhere near this time. Indeed the first three all finished in a faster time than any previous winner other than MALCOLM MUIR in 2010.  2012 and 2014 Champion JONATHAN CARTER came second in 34.53, with GEORGE BIRT of Hinckley RC third in 35.09.

NOVEMBER 22 :: PROVISIONAL results are now available to view. If there are any queries or problems please contact us over the next 24 hours, but with the help of our checkers we believe everything is correct.  Full results will be ready as soon as possible, but probably in 24 hours time.

NOVEMBER 21 :: There will be a short race briefing at 10.50 outside Race HQ. PLEASE DO NOT WALK UP TO THE START UNTIL THIS IS COMPLETED and everybody can head off together. The road is usually busy and we dont want anybody hurt before (or during) the race.  ONCE AT THE START AREA, PLEASE REMAIN ON THE GRASS AREA AND NOT ON THE ROADS !

NOVEMBER 21 :: All prerace entries have now closed. Registration for ON THE DAY entries will open around 09.15 tomorrow morning AND WILL CLOSE AT 10.45 in order to brief runners and walk up to the start.  On the day entries will cost £13 for all runners. PLEASE HELP US AND BRING THE RIGHT MONEY WITH YOU.  Cheques should be made out to CAMBA EVENTS please.

NOVEMBER 21 :: The BBC weather forecast for Sunday has changed twice since the 19th. No overnight rain or sleet is now expected, but it suggests a foggy night with lingering fog and mist into Sunday morning. By 11 oclock however it should have cleared, with light cloud and sunny intervals forecast. Temperatures no higher than 3 degrees though, so wrap up warm.

NOVEMBER 20 :: Online entries close at midnight tonight, so last chance to preenter Cannock 2015.

NOVEMBER 19 :: According to the BBC weather site, you may well need your thermals on Sunday. After some overnight sleet the forecast is for a dry morning with light winds BUT the temperature isnt expected to rise above 4 degrees. There is the chance of a light rain shower around midday, a perfect excuse for you to run that little bit faster and finish before the rain.  We will try and update the forecast on Saturday.

NOVEMBER 18 :: Please note that Postal Entries HAVE NOW CLOSED. With earlier collections it is almost impossible to guarantee the receipt of your race number after todays post. However, any further postal entries received will be processed with your number ready for collection on Sunday. We will e-mail you with acknowledgement of your entry being received.

NOVEMBER 17 :: We have extended the deadline for on line entries until Friday 20th November.

NOVEMBER 12 :: IMPORTANT MESSAGE :: Cannock Rotary Club have in conjunction with 2015 race sponsors FOUR SEASONS CONSERVATORIES agreed to increase the number of category prizes this year by two in each of the mens and ladies categories. In addition to the usual eight prizes, we will also be rewarding the first man 60-70 and first man over 70, plus the first lady 55-65 and first lady over 65. Should there be no finisher in the highest category, we will split the M60-70 and F55-65 categories and award each five year age group winner. Prizes will be bottles of wine.

NOVEMBER 11 :: Medals and trophies have been received to-day and are all packed up ready for Race Day.

NOVEMBER 10 :: We have opened up another 50 online entries for anyone who prefers this entry method. As before, go to and follow the usual links.

NOVEMBER 5 :: Online entries through Runners World have now reached the 100 limit set back in September.  Don’t forget that postal entries remain open until November 18th.

NOVEMBER 3 :: As of 4.30pm today ALL entries have been processed. We have emailed all online entrants with confirmation of their running number to collect on the day. All postal entries have been returned if a stamped addressed envelope was included.

NOVEMBER 1 :: Medals and trophies have been ordered today from Running Imp.

OCTOBER 26 :: Thank you for all your entries. Numbers have been allocated and we have started to advise on-line entrants of their race numbers by e-mail with information on number collection on the day. We are just awaiting receipt of the Information Booklet from Cannock Rotary Club which we expect on Thursday 29th. Postal entrants who sent in a stamped addressed envelope will then have their numbers and info pack sent back to them over the weekend.

SEPTEMBER 16 ::  On-line entries have now been set up at Simply visit their site, click on entries, go to Cannock Rotary 10km and follow the instructions to enter on-line. PLEASE NOTE, ON-LINE ENTRIES WILL NEED TO COLLECT THEIR NUMBERS ON RACE DAY. We will e-mail all online entrants to confirm receipt and advise their race number. Online entries are limited to the first 100 applications.

SEPTEMBER 16 ::  The 2015 entry form is now available to download – see table on left.  Please remember to include your cheque for £10 and a stamped addressed envelope with your race entry.

AUGUST 21 ::  Cannock Rotary Club have confirmed that entry fee for the 2015 Cannock Rotary 10km will remain at £10 per person.  This applies to all runners, whether or not you belong to an affiliated club. Please note that ON THE DAY entries will cost £13 per person.

AUGUST 15 ::  Sunday November 22nd is confirmed as the date for the 6th Cannock Rotary 10km. Full details regarding entry fee and entry form availability to follow soon.


2014 RACE


NOVEMBER 24 :: Full results now available – we have added your position within the male and female sections of the race, and your positions within your age category.  CLICK HERE for full results.

NOVEMBER 23 :: Provisional results are available NOW.  CLICK HERE for the full results listing.  Please note positions within your sex and category will be added later to-day.

NOVEMBER 23 :: In to-day’s Ladies race, RACHEL BUXTON from Coventry Godiva Harriers produced a brilliant performance to take the 2014 title in a ladies course record of 38.50. 2013 Champion REMI FLAVELL from Birchfield Harriers was second in 39.29 (the fastest time for a second place in the ladies race) while TINA THICKBROOM finished third in a F40 category record time of 44.04.

NOVEMBER 23 :: 2012 Champion JONATHAN CARTER tore round the Chase this morning to take the 2014 title in 35.28 which wa exactly ONE SECOND faster than his winning time two years ago. 16-year-old RYAN ASHMAN from Cannock & Staffs AC came second in 36.00 and WILLIAM TAYLOR was third in 36.08.

NOVEMBER 23 :: Thank you all for coming out on a grey, cold morning to join our 10km race across the Chase.  199 finishers crossed the line before heading home for a nice warming cuppa and a rest.

NOVEMBER 22 :: WEATHER WATCH !!!  Don’t you just love weather forecasters ?  To-day, the same forecast says that the light rain will cease between 07.00 and 08.00 and the rest of the morning will be dry with just light cloud. There is even sunshine forecast for 2.00pm – 4.00pm, but hopefully you’ll all be in the pub by then.

NOVEMBER 22 :: Thank you all for supporting Cannock Rotary Club – we have our highest ever pre-entry this year, and in fact have more runners entered in advance than we had in total last year.

NOVEMBER 22 :: IF ANY PRE-ENTERED RUNNERS ARE UNABLE TO TAKE PART AND HAVE GIVEN THEIR  NUMBER TO A CLUB-MATE OR FRIEND, CAN YOU PLEASE LET US KNOW BEFORE RACE DAY ! All we need is your number and name, and the name, club and age of the person taking your place. This is to avoid problems with results, and for health & safety reasons in the event of an accident.

NOVEMBER 21 :: WEATHER WATCH !!!  Less than six hours after the previous posting the forecast has changed.  Still only 7 degrees, but light rain until just after 10.00am, then light cloud but NO rain for a couple of hours, and sunny intervals in the afternoon. Guess you may not need your cagoule after all !

NOVEMBER 21 :: Race clock has been delivered to-day and we are all ready to go.

NOVEMBER 21 :: Your medals and the trophies for the first three men and first three ladies have arrived.

NOVEMBER 21 :: WEATHER WATCH !!!  At the moment, the BBC weather forecast for WS12 is offering a chilly morning on Sunday (just 7 degrees) with light rain early on turning to heavy rain around mid-day.  Bring your cagoule !

NOVEMBER 21 :: Don’t forget there will be teas/coffees/bacon sarneys etc available on the day next to the registration tent.

NOVEMBER 20 :: Our medal suppliers RUNNING IMP INTERNATIONAL have phoned to-day to advise they do not have enough medals in stock to fill our order – 11 DAYS AFTER WE HAD PLACED OUR ORDER !!!  We have had to therefore switch to a different medal and we apologise unreservedly if the medal you receive on Sunday isn’t as good as the one you would have had ! Seems RII have virtually no stock of anything we would have wanted, so we have had to compromise. Fortunately, for next year, there are other suppliers !

NOVEMBER 19 :: Postal entries have now closed – if you haven’t already posted your entry in to us we are unable to process any further applicants ahead of race day on Sunday.

NOVEMBER 17 :: On-line entries have now closed.  There are still a couple of days left for postal entries – closing Wednesday 19th.

NOVEMBER 16 :: We have a battle of former Champions this coming Sunday, as our 2012 winner JONATHAN CARTER has entered to-day. Unattached Jonathan will be wearing race number 183 in the 2014 race.

NOVEMBER 15 :: Don’t forget that postal entries remain open up to and including Wednesday November 19th so you still have plenty of time to pre-enter. Don’t forget to include your cheque and stamped addressed envelope (first class stamp please).

NOVEMBER 14 :: We have to-day reached the 100 place limit for on-line entries but have added a further 20 places with a closing date of Monday 17th.  First come, first served.

NOVEMBER 12 :: We have received entries from two former category winners this morning.  IAN WOOD (formerly of Oak Park RC and now with Stafford Harriers) was M45 winner in 2012 and will wear race number 138 this year, competing in the M50 category.  Meanwhile our 2012 F60 winner CYNTHIA LEWIS of Telford Harriers will be running again – this time in the F65 category wearing number 141.

NOVEMBER 10 :: A further batch of on-line entries have been downloaded – PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE ONLY 18 ON-LINE ENTRY SLOTS LEFT AS OF THIS MORNING !

NOVEMBER 9 :: Medals and trophies have been ordered to-day ready to hand over to you all on the 23rd.

NOVEMBER 8 :: 20 more on-line entries have now been processed, and race numbers are back in to-day’s post, second class mail.

NOVEMBER 7 :: ROBERT FELLOWS – M65 category winner in 2012 – has entered the 2014 race to-day and will wear number 99 on the 23rd.

NOVEMBER 7 :: Entry received today from our “star” M75 runner STANLEY BOURNE who was first in his category in 2010, 2011 and 2012 before being pipped to the post in 2013. The Midland Masters AC runner will be wearing race number 96 in this year’s event.

NOVEMBER 5 :: Former Oak Park RC member NEIL STRETTON has entered the 2014 Cannock 10km to-day ~ Neil was the winner of the M55 category in both 2010 and 2012.  Now with North Staffs RR, Neil will be competing in the M60 category this year and will be wearing race number 83.

NOVEMBER 5 :: A further batch of on-line entries taking us up to 50 have been processed – numbers are in the post tonight.

NOVEMBER 4 :: The first batch of on-line entries have been processed and race numbers sent out today.

OCTOBER 31 :: All postal entries received up to the end of October have now been processed, and numbers/information packs returned in the post this evening.  All future postal entries will be processed and returned as they are received.

OCTOBER 29 :: Runners Information Booklets are received to-day.

OCTOBER 27 :: We are currently awaiting delivery of the Runners Information Booklets which have been printed. As soon as we have these, all entries received so far will be processed and numbers sent out. These should be with everyone by the end of this week.

OCTOBER 24 :: Our current race Champion MARK ROGERS from Wigan Harriers has booked in for the 2014 event and will wear number 54 on race day. Mark will be going for his third race win after also taking the title in 2011.

OCTOBER 1 :: On-line-entries have been set up at Runners World for the 2014 Cannock Rotary 10km. Visit and follow the link from our event. On-line entries cost £11.50 - we still receive our £10 entry fee - the balance goes to RW.

SEPTEMBER 17 :: The first two entries for the 2014 Cannock Rotary 10km are received to-day - JAMIE GRAHAM of Cannock & Staffs AC and MARK GOLDING are those quickest off the mark this year.

SEPTEMBER 15 :: Paper entry forms received to-day and these will be distributed at various races over the coming weeks. First up will be the brand new Balsall Common 10km on September 20th followed by the Walsall Rotary 10km on September 21st. If you should require copies and are not at these events, please call 0121 358 4483 or e-mail us at and we will post copies out to you.

SEPTEMBER 11 :: Race details added to the Running Diary website to-day with over 1300 e-mail alerts sent out to those whose interests match the Cannock Rotary 10km.  If you have received details, please help the organisers and enter early.

MARCH 27 :: November 23rd is now confirmed by Cannock Rotary Club as the date for the fifth running of this event on Cannock Chase.  Full details to follow.

2013 RACE

NOVEMBER 4 :: When all else fails, do it again !  Up at 06.00 this morning and re-done yesterdays' results in their entirety !!  CLICK HERE FOR FINAL RESULTS

NOVEMBER 3 :: (22:59) There appears to be a problem with the later results from to-day's race - we have taken the results off-line for now and will re-do them tomorrow.  Please check back for results listing later tomorrow afternoon.

NOVEMBER 3 :: Full results, including your positions within both your sex and your category, are now available.

NOVEMBER 3 :: Congratulations to our 2011 Champion MARK ROGERS who returned to Cannock Chase and won the race for the second time in 37.59 - just THREE SECONDS ahead of PAUL THACKER in second. Our Ladies Champion 2013 was 14-year-old REMI FLAVELL of Birchfield Harriers who finished in 41.37 - the second fastest winning time at Cannock Rotary. Birchfield Harriers have now provided three of the four ladies Champions.

NOVEMBER 3 :: We were lucky with the weather - seems everywhere had heavy rains during this morning, except for Cannock Chase.  Thank you to everyone who came out to run under blue skies in glorious sunshine, even if the breeze was a little chilly.

OCTOBER 31 :: That's it - postal entries are now closed !!  Thank you to all those who have pre-entered and saved the extra work and hassle on the day. We will of course be open on the day for late entries - standard entry fee of £13 for all runners.

OCTOBER 30 :: Medals and trophies are received to-day ready for Sunday.

OCTOBER 30 :: We have received an entry to-day from our 2012 F60 category winner CYNTHIA LEWIS of Telford Harriers. Cynthia will be wearing race number 848 on Sunday.

OCTOBER 27 :: There is still time to enter this year's Cannock Rotary 10m in advance at £10 entry fee - we will accept entries up to THURSDAY OCTOBER 31st but please ensure you include a first class stamped addressed envelope. Entries will be processed and returned in the post the same day as they are received. On the day entries are available, but at £13 per entry.

OCTOBER 26 :: Please ensure that your entries are correctly completed as we hit the final week before the 2013 Cannock Rotary 10km.  Don't forget your stamped addressed envelope; make sure that your cheques are correctly signed and dated, and made out to CAMBA EVENTS as per the entry forms. We have received two cheques in the last week made out incorrectly to Cannock Rotary Club or CRC, and we are unable to process these.

OCTOBER 26 :: After three years of the Cannock Rotary 10km, we have our first octogenarian entry - 82 year old BRIAN DAWSON of Birchfield Harriers has entered to-day. Brian will be wearing race number 825 on the day.

OCTOBER 25 :: Hand delivered to-day was an entry from our Ladies Runner-up of 2011 and 2012 - VAL CARTER of Birchfield Harriers. Val, who also won the F45 category in last year's race, will be wearing race number 819 on November 3rd.

OCTOBER 18 :: Former Cannock Rotary 10km Champion MARK ROGERS (now of Wigan Harriers) has entered the 2013 race to-day, and will wear race number 804 on November 3rd.  Mark won the event in 2011 in a time of 36.46.

OCTOBER 15 :: We have received an entry today from last year's M70 category winner ALEXANDER DAVIDSON-ELLIOTT of Birchfield Harriers. Alexander will be wearing number 791 in this year's race.

OCTOBER 12 :: All race packs and numbers have now been sent back in to-day's post. From Monday, all entries will be processed and returned on the day they are received.

OCTOBER 11 :: First race packs and numbers have been posted out to-day.

SEPTEMBER 18 :: The first entry for the 2013 Cannock Rotary 10km is received - first off the mark this year is unattached DAVE DYKE from Cheslyn Hay.

2012 RACE


NOVEMBER 20 :: All the category results, results within male and female, names spell checked and entry details have now been checked - full and final results are now available. CLICK HERE.

NOVEMBER 18 :: Your photographs were taken as you crossed the finish line to-day - to view and order prints please visit where you will find the photos in the "events section".


NOVEMBER 18 :: 2010 Ladies Champion SIAN SLADE of Birchfield Harriers returned to reclaim her Ladies title this year, knocking 11 seconds off her 2010 time to set a new ladies course record of 39.39, finishing in ninth place overall. Ladies Runner-up was AMY SHEPPARD of Cobra RC in 44.45, with Birchfield Harrier VAL CARTER third in 46.06.

NOVEMBER 18 :: Congratulations to all of the 216 finishers in the 3rd Cannock Rotary 10km held in beautiful sunny conditions to-day. Unattached runner JONATHAN CARTER took the 2012 title in 35.29, while 2010 runner-up MATTHEW WOODMAN of Stafford Harriers repeated the feat in 35.58. PETER DIMBLEBY of Birchfield Harriers was third in 36.07.

NOVEMBER 17 :: There is no race limit on numbers or times, so all are welcome.

NOVEMBER 17 :: For those who want to enter on the day, the Registration Desk will be open in the morning from 09.30 ~ entry is £13 for all runners, please bring the correct money as we only have a limited amount of change.  Don't forget to bring your safety pins to fix your numbers.

NOVEMBER 17 :: Up to date weather forecast is still predicting a sunny day, though now with an even colder high of just 5 DEGREES !  Lots of layers would be a good idea.

NOVEMBER 17 :: One day to go - IF YOU HAVE SWAPPED NUMBERS with another runner, please e-mail us TO-DAY giving full details about the new runner. If you don't do this it may well affect results and prizes.

NOVEMBER 14 :: To-day is your LAST chance to enter Sunday's race in advance AND get your numbers back through the post. Send your entry forms & cheques off to-day with a first class stamped addressed envelope, and we will return your details in tomorrow night's post.

NOVEMBER 14 :: Still a while to go, but at the moment the weather forecast for Sunday is looking good. From early morning until mid afternoon the forecast is for a sunny, cloudless day, though temperatures are expected to be very low at just THREE degrees at nine o'clock and only rising to SIX degrees by mid-day. Wrap up warm folks !

NOVEMBER 13 :: 250 medals and our winners' trophies have arrived to-day from Running Imp International so all is now set for Sunday's third Cannock Rotary 10km.

NOVEMBER 13 :: It's a huge postbag to-day with 20 entries, all have been processed and race numbers/information packs sent back to all but one, who has asked to pick up his number on Sunday morning.

NOVEMBER 12 :: Still time to get your advance race entries in to us and save yourselves having to queue up on Sunday morning, and £3 of course ! All entries received by us up to Thursday 15th will be returned to you with your race numbers as long as you provide the obligatory stamped addressed envelope (first class stamp please).

NOVEMBER 3 :: We have received TWO "fee to pay" cards from Royal Mail to-day - two A4 letters in envelopes marked Do Not Bend, but with standard stamps on them. THE FEES WILL NOT BE PAID AND THEY WILL NOT BE COLLECTED ! If you think these are from you, please contact us to check otherwise you will not be in the starting line-up on the 18th.

NOVEMBER 2 :: We could have received en entry from our oldest competitor to-day ! 77 year-old STANLEY BOURNE of Midland Masters will be wearing number 292 on race day.

NOVEMBER 2 :: Moving into the final two weeks before the third Cannock 10km and your all important medals and the winners' trophies have been ordered to-day.

OCTOBER 23 :: We have received an entry to-day from our 2010 Ladies Champion and current course record holder. SIAN SLADE of Birchfield Harriers will be wearing number 258 on race day.

OCTOBER 15 :: Race numbers and information packs have been posted to-day to all entries received so far. If you have entered, but don't receive your number this week, please contact us at the usual e-mail address or phone number.

OCTOBER 13 :: Information booklets have been delivered to-day and all entries received so far will be processed over the next couple of days.

OCTOBER 12 :: We believe that the information booklets are now ready, and hopefully we will receive them over the weekend. As soon as we have them, we will post out race numbers to all entries.

OCTOBER 11 :: PLEASE ensure that you have put the correct postage on your entry - we have received a card from Royal Mail this morning advising that they cannot deliver because the sender paid 19p less than the correct postage. This is the difference between a second class large (A4) letter and an ordinary letter, so looks like somebody used an A4 envelope with an ordinary stamp. THIS WILL NOT BE COLLECTED FROM ROYAL MAIL so if you believe this was you, please contact us.

OCTOBER 8 :: Race committee meets to finalise details for the 2012 race in Cannock.

SEPTEMBER 11 :: 2012 entry form is now available by clicking on the link to the left.

AUGUST 9 :: The first entry for our 2012 race is received to-day with KIRSTY JOHNSTON of Wolverhampton & Bilston AC the quickest off the mark.

JUNE 16 2012  ::  The certificate of course accuracy as issued by the Association of UK Course Measurers has been renewed for the 2012 race on November 18th.

2011 RACE


NOVEMBER 21 :: After a long day on the computer, all the category results, results within male and female, names spell checked and entry details checked and the full and final results are now available. CLICK HERE

NOVEMBER 20 :: Provisional results are now available : CLICK HERE : we still have to check names against entry forms, add in the category positions and positions within male & female sections, and also check the positions of those runners who recorded the same times as they crossed the line. Full results should be up by tomorrow evening

NOVEMBER 20 :: Congratulations to our 2011 Cannock Rotary 10km Champion MARK ROGERS of Wigan Phoenix AC who completed the hilly course in 36.46. Our Ladies Champion for 2011 is JILL McGEE of B.R.A.T who came home in 43.23.

NOVEMBER 20 :: Thanks to all of the on-the-day entries who came along to the Cannock Rotary 10km this morning and boosted our entry numbers to 262 - almost 20% up on last year's inaugural event.

NOVEMBER 19 :: Registration should be open tomorrow morning at about 09.15 and will close at 10.45 to enable us to close everything off and walk the competitors up to the start which is 400 yards away.  Please ensure you register between those times, and if you can bring the correct money (£12) that would be a massive help.

NOVEMBER 19 :: The latest weather forecast for tomorrow at Marquis Drive Cannock Chase is for white cloud and a temperature high of 10 or 11 degrees. There is a chance of some weak sunshine, though possibly not until the early afternoon, though no rain is forecast currently.

NOVEMBER 17 :: POSTAL ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED.  We have 149 pre-entered runners, which is over 10% up on the same stage last year.  Thank you all for your support.  Do please drag your club-mates, friends & family along with you on Sunday - on the day entries cost £12.

NOVEMBER 16 :: LAST CHANCE FOR POSTAL ENTRIES !!!!  If you want to enter and receive your race number and information pack before Sunday, you MUST POST YOUR ENTRY TO-DAY by first class post.  Don't forget the signed entry form, cheque and self-addressed envelope WITH A FIRST CLASS STAMP ON IT !

NOVEMBER 15 :: If anybody has entered but cannot make the race and intends passing their number to somebody else, PLEASE E-MAIL US WITH FULL DETAILS OF THE SWITCH !  This eases any problem with incorrect runners winning category prizes and is vitally important in the case of a serious injury.

NOVEMBER 14 :: 250 medals and trophies for the first three men and first three ladies are received here to-day. Everything is set now for the big day on Sunday.

NOVEMBER 13 :: Just one week to Race Day ~ you still have three days to send in your entries and save the additional £2 charge for on the day entries. We will process all entries received on the day, and return them in your stamped addressed envelope up to and including THURSDAY 17th. After that, no more numbers will be sent out by post.

NOVEMBER 12 :: With entries now up to 135, we have more advance entries signed up than we did on race morning last year.  Keep them coming.

NOVEMBER 8 :: The 100 entry mark was passed to-day, and we are ahead of 2010 entries at this stage.  Thank you all for your support.

OCTOBER 31 :: Medals and trophies have been ordered to-day from Running Imp International.

OCTOBER 17 :: We have posted back race numbers and information packs to-day to everybody who has entered the 2011 race up to this date. If you haven't received your envelope by the end of this week (depending on whether you put a first or second class stamp on your sae) please e-mail us as there is a problem with your entry !

OCTOBER 15 :: Race numbers and information booklets are received this morning and all the stamped addressed envelopes received up to this weekend have been filled ready to post out on Monday.

SEPTEMBER 28 :: The information booklet has now been updated, and is being sent for printing this week.  We hope to be in a position to start posting out packs and race numbers during the first week of October.

SEPTEMBER 24 :: Race numbers have now been received for the 2011 race - our grateful thanks to Sutton Runner for providing these.

SEPTEMBER 19 :: It was confirmed at a Rotary Club meeting to-night that THOMAS VALE CONSTRUCTION will be sponsoring the 2011 finishers' medals. We are very grateful to THOMAS VALE CONSTRUCTION for their generous donation which will enable us to purchase the medals for you at no expense from the Rotary Club's race income.

SEPTEMBER 8 :: Cannock 10km details are added to various events websites, including Runners World, Running Diary, Running Fitness, Running Free and UK results.

AUGUST 10 :: The first entry for the 2011 race is received to-day ~ first off the mark is SHEENA HAMMOND from Birmingham.

JUNE 19 :: 2011 Entry forms are now available from this page (click on the link in the box to the left).

JUNE 17 :: Entries are now open for the second Cannock Rotary 10km - contact Camba Events for a copy, or look out for us at this summers' events

APRIL 16 :: The first batch of entry forms are received to-day for the 2011 race, and we will be distributing these at local events from next Thursday.

APRIL 11 :: We have been confirmed as organisers of the second Cannock Rotary 10km, which will take place on Sunday November 20th 2011 at 11.00am. Entry forms should be available by mid-April.

2010 RACE

NOVEMBER 22 :: 2010 results have been updated and now include your positions within the male/female sections of the race, and your full category positions. Click on the links above, in the table to the left, or on the Homepage.

NOVEMBER 21 :: Provisional results are now available on the website ~ click on the link on the homepage. These have been processed and checked - please contact us with any queries.

NOVEMBER 21 :: The first Cannock Rotary Ladies Champion enjoyed a much closer race, finally taking the tape 2 places and just 7 seconds ahead of the second lady. SIAN SLADE of Birchfield Harriers took the first title in 39.50, with SUE STREET of Tipton Harriers second and NICOLA LEE third.

NOVEMBER 21 :: The first Cannock Rotary 10km Champion was MALCOLM MUIR of Ilford AC who destroyed the field to win by 80 seconds in 33.44. In second place was MATTHEW WOODMAN, with RICHARD O'SULLIVAN of Tipton Harriers third.

NOVEMBER 21 :: What a great day ! 87 On The Day entries gave us a final entry of 220, for which we are very grateful to you all. There were 194 finishers and we do thank you for all of your early comments, so far favourable.

NOVEMBER 18 :: The largest club entry is STAFFORD HARRIERS with 6 athletes, followed by CHASE HARRIERS with 5, then several cubs with 2 entries each ~ OAK PARK RC, STAFFORD TRI, SNEYD STRIDERS, TELFORD HARRIERS, COBRA RC and MIDLAND MASTERS

NOVEMBER 18 :: Entries have been received not only from the obvious counties of Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcestershire, but also from Lancashire, Essex, Hampshire, Cheshire  and Gloucestershire.

NOVEMBER 18 :: We have now closed off postal entries, which stand at 133 ~ 98 male & 35 female. Runners can still enter ON THE DAY ~ the registration desk will be open from 09.00 until 10.50 on the day of the race. Entry forms will be available ~ please bring the correct entry fee with you, which will be £12 for ALL runners.

NOVEMBER 15 :: St Johns Ambulance will now also be present at the start/finish area, as well as paramedics.

NOVEMBER 12 :: 250 medals and the winners' trophies are received to-day and everything is now ready for next weekend.

OCTOBER 20 :: Course measurement certificate is received.

OCTOBER 16 :: No problems with the course measurement - we have an exact 10km course starting and finishing on Marquis Drive, Hednesford.

OCTOBER 15 :: We are able to confirm that the course for the Cannock Rotary 10km is being measured tomorrow by UK Athletics' official course measurer for Staffs. The race will be a guaranteed 10km distance measured by Jones Counter on a bicycle.

OCTOBER 13 :: Information booklets and sponsor forms have been received to-day and ALL entries received up to and including to-day's date have been returned in tonight's post. IF YOU HAVE SENT IN AN ENTRY AND NOT RECEIVED YOUR NUMBER BY 16.10.10, PLEASE CONTACT CAMBA EVENTS IMMEDIATELY.

OCTOBER 7 :: Entries are processed and cheques sent to the bank. We are just waiting now for the information booklets from the printers, then we will send out details to all those entries received up to now.

SEPTEMBER 20 :: Numbers are received to-day, and allocated to entries received so far.

SEPTEMBER 1 :: The first entry is received ~ RICHARD O'SULLIVAN of Tipton Harriers is first off the mark.

AUGUST 11 :: First entry forms are distributed at tonight's Staffs Knot 5 ~ being held at the same venue as the first Cannock Rotary 10km.